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Parking available  November 29th,

Optional Practice/ TECH/ Tire Selection November 30th,

Race day 1 format December 1st,

Race day 2 format December 2nd. 

All Race Tires need to be bought from Open Wheel Showdown. (Hoosier Tire will be at the Event) 

Tire selection for the event will be based on entry. (First entered first served)
* Tires will be available to purchase starting Wednesday, November 29th (ALL TIRES FOR EVENT NEED TO BE BOUGHT AT THE EVENT) 

* You can bring tires to practice on Thursdays Practice, Friday and Saturday MUST be stamped tires.

Entry/Registration fee for the event is $250.00 per Sprintcar and $150 per Midget until November 1st.

No testing is allowed at the track prior to the event.


Winged Sprintcar Format: 

Thursday: Optional Practice Sessions 


Split into Friday/ Saturday: ( IT IS NOT 2 SEPERATE RACES, IT IS JUST SPLIT INTO 2 DAYS)
2 Practice sessions
12 lap Heat races (1st starts pole in 1st heat, 2nd starts 1st in 2nd heat and so on.) 
Depending on how many cars Top 2 or winner of each heat goes into pole dash 
Pole dash lineup based on pill draw 

How they finish pole dash is how the front starting positions of race is set.
X amount of cars from heat race lock into feature 
X amount of cars go to C main (15 laps)
X amount of cars go to B main (20 laps)
X amount of cars transfer to A main
A main - double file restarts, 50 lap open red can only change RR 50 laps to finish 
Cone ( Pick your lane ) For all cars, Double file restarts until lap 

Midget Format: 

Thursday: Optional Practice Sessions ( IT IS NOT 2 SEPERATE RACES, IT IS JUST SPLIT INTO 2 DAYS)

Split into Friday/ Saturday:

2 practice sessions
10 lap Heat races must finish in top X in heat race in order to keep your time. 
X amount goes to B main 
Fastest qualifier draws a 6, 8, or 10 for invert in feature 
50 lap race 

Single file restarts

Tire compounds:

700 RR

F15 LR

700 RF


*Format subject to change*




Winged Sprint Purse
Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 10.30.12 AM.png
Midget Purse
Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 10.30.20 AM.png
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